Characterized by modern lines with a nostalgic soul, A.Bocca evokes a sense of freedom and identity, placing strong attention to detail and quality.

A.Bocca is the brand founded in 2019 by Alfredo Boccaccini, who together with Valentina Pangrazzi gave life to a balanced, feminine and sophisticated aesthetic, with an imagery that has its references in the Sixties and Seventies, in a mix of contemporary vintage.

Through symbols and meticulously studied shapes, A.Bocca aims for the uniqueness of design by offering a Made in Italy quality product.

The A.Bocca world is based on a concept of transversal footwear, harmonious shapes and heels that can be used during various moments of the day. The goal is to combine a personal aesthetic with volumes and proportions that are easy to wear.

  • High quality leather

    Leathers coming from warehouse stocks of the best tanneries, representing global excellence in the sector.

    No animal is killed solely for its skin; the leather comes from non-intensive farming with cruelty-free slaughter methods.

  • Eco-friendly soles

    Made of leather, with the exception of the vegan line. Cuoio di Toscana is certified by the Vero Cuoio Italiano Consortium, guaranteeing authenticity and excellence. Vegetable tanning is adopted, an environmentally friendly process that ensures the absence of toxic substances.

  • Made in Italy

    A.Bocca is committed to supporting social ethical values, relying exclusively on small family-run artisan companies in the Marche region for the creation of footwear.

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Collection after collection, the image of the iconic Two for Love , the criss-cross pump with sweetheart neckline, has consolidated, becoming the most recognizable and desired model of the brand.