Size guide

By consulting the table you can associate the length in  of your foot in the shoe size suitable for you.
We recommend purchasing the size you use regularly.
If you are undecided between two numbers, we recommend one size up.
For those with a particularly large plant we recommend purchasing a larger size.

What about half sizes?

The half size is 3mm longer than the full size. For example, the 38.5 is 25.1 cm long.

How to measure your size?

  1. Get yourself some paper, a pen and a ruler or tape measure;
  2. Place the sheet on the ground and step on it with your bare foot;
  3. Make a mark behind the heel and one in front of the tip of the big toe. Be careful not to tilt the pen, it must be perfectly perpendicular to the floor;
  4. Measure the distance between the two marks.

Still not convinced*?

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