Terms of service

Users who use the Services offered by A.Bocca declare that they know and accept these general terms and conditions.

Owner of A.Bocca and related Services

Flea Fashion Hub S.r.l. Single-member company
Via Toscana 7, 63821 Porto Sant'Elpidio FM, Italy
VAT number 02373450440

Information about A.Bocca
abocca.co is the official website of Flea Fashion Hub S.R.L., a company that produces handmade footwear entirely made in Italy. Through the site, the User can search for information on the brand and purchase products online.

User Contributed Content
Users are responsible for their own content and that of third parties that they share on A.Bocca, by uploading it, inserting content or in any other way. Users indemnify the Owner from any liability in relation to the illicit dissemination of third party content or the use of A.Bocca, in ways contrary to the law.

The Owner does not carry out any type of moderation of the content published by the User or by third parties, but undertakes to intervene in response to reports from Users or orders given by public authorities in relation to content deemed offensive or illegal.

Rights to Content Provided by Users
The only rights granted to the Owner in relation to the contents provided by the Users are those necessary for the operation and maintenance of A.Bocca.

Content Provided by Third Parties
The Owner does not carry out any preventive moderation on the contents or links provided by third parties shown on A.Bocca. The Owner is not responsible for such contents and their accessibility.

In order to use the Service or part of it, Users must register by truthfully and completely providing all the data requested in the relevant registration form and fully accept the privacy policy and these general conditions. The User has the duty to guard and keep his access credentials confidential.

Deletion and Termination of User Accounts
Registered Users can deactivate their accounts, request their elimination or stop using the Service at any time, through the A.Bocca interface or by contacting the Owner directly.

The Owner, in case of violation of these Terms, reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User's account at any time and without notice.

Purchase procedure
Each order sent constitutes an offer to purchase the products. Orders are subject to the availability and discretionary acceptance of the Owner.
The User must select the products and check out, after having carefully checked and possibly modified the information contained in the order summary. The order is made by confirming it and is subject to payment of the price, taxes and shipping and payment costs indicated in the order summary form.

The Order Processing Receipt does not constitute acceptance of the order. The contract is concluded when the Owner sends the Order Confirmation to the email address provided by the User. The Owner reserves the right not to confirm an order by communicating to the User within 20 days of purchase, to the email address associated with his purchase, the possible unavailability of one or more of the products purchased. In this case, the Owner will refund the price and shipping costs incurred by the User.

Availability of products
The prices, descriptions or availability of the products displayed are subject to change without notice. The photos inserted are indicative and do not constitute a guarantee of the quality of the products.

Execution of the Order
The Order is executed within the terms specified in the summary page and in the Order Confirmation email, subject to the availability of the ordered product.
The Owner cannot be held responsible for damages suffered by the User due to delays in delivery that are not dependent on circumstances foreseeable by the parties at the time the Order Confirmation is sent.

Deliveries are made during normal working hours to the address indicated by the User and in the manner specified in the order summary.
Upon delivery, the User must check the content by specifying any anomalies in the delivery form.
In case of non-collection within the deadline established by the carrier, the products will be returned to the Owner, who will reimburse the price of the products but not the shipping cost. The Owner cannot be held responsible for errors in delivery due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in completing the purchase order by the User, for damage that may have occurred to the Products after delivery to the carrier, where the latter has been chosen and in charge or by the User or for delays in delivery attributable to the latter.